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Example of a letter of resignation

What to write in a letter of resignation

letter of resignation

You will find here an example of a letter of resignation that can be used to help you write your own letter to your boss when you decide to quit your job for a better one.

There is the example of a letter of resignation

August 11th
M. Paul Arcand,

During the several years I work for Informatique Rambit I have been able to learn and develop several skills which helped improving my capabilities.

I greatly appreciated these years during which I had the opportunity to work with extraordinary people and several became good friends. Other projects will challenge me and allow me to acquire new skills. It is with regret that I give you my resignation as an adviser at Informatique Rambit. For this purpose, I inform you that I would complete my work with Informatique Rambit Tuesday January 24, 2006. I thank Informatique Rambit for the confidence it always had.


Marie-Chantal Toupin

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